Throughout the primary years, the aim is to achieve effectiveness in the core skills of reading, oral and written communication and dexterity with numbers. These are of prime importance and without which further progress can be inhibited. Through topics, themes and projects the pupils are also introduced to the world around them and trained in the understanding of life in its many and varied aspects.

Junior Elementary (Y1 - Y3)

During the early years of elementary education, we seek to:
1. ensure that pupils receive optimum tuition in order to maximize attainment and enhance their general development.
2. emphasize the importance of developing the core skills in Literacy and Numeracy.
3. offer further specialist tuition, if needed, to pupils experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory performance levels.

Senior Elementary (Y4-Y6)

Without losing sight of the initial objectives, the senior elementary stage extends the challenges offered. The curriculum becomes more specialized, with the addition of new knowledge and skill training as detailed below:
1. The emphasis on the core skills continues, but increasingly, these skills are used to seek out information and solve problems.
2. Specialist help also continues for those who have not yet achieved acceptable levels of skill.
3. The use of new technologies in science and Information and Communication Technology and development of practical skills through Arts and Craft, initiate the child into the modern world.

The HeadTeacher

St. Julie Billiart, Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, described Catholic education as “uplifting, inspiring, and the most important work that can be done on earth.” These words of St. Julie so perfectly illustrate the beliefs and dedication of the talented faculty and staff here at Our Lady of Assumption Schools Trans Nkisi Onitsha.

The Students

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