The Pre-School System: Age Range 2 - 5 
This provides comprehensive care and adopts educational strategies that encompass health, nutrition, socialization, physical development and intellectual stimulation of kindergartners. The pre-school institution is set to give your child a head start in life by laying a solid foundation for life-long learning. It offers a child-friendly learning and play environment for careful nurturing of pupils' native capacities in order to facilitate future learning. 

Careful efforts are made to inculcate social norms, the spirit of enquiry, creativity, cooperation, team work, a sense of independence, trust, and acceptance. The curriculum also focuses on the development of cognitive and practical concepts and skills, rudimentary literacy and numeracy, shapes, forms, safety and health habits etc. Ample space for play and adequate classroom space give room for sensory exploration, intellectual stimulation, motor coordination and social competence; Classroom interactions revolve round spontaneous play, expressive learning, pre-reading fundamentals, art, music, poems, and rhymes. 

The Elementary Level: Age Range 5 - 11 
This is conceived as the bedrock of advanced future learning. The aim at this level is to equip pupils with the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and computation. Curricular activities therefore centre on the development of manipulative skills, mental skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills, all of which are considered necessary for future work success. Careful effort is made to consolidate the educational gains and the rudimentary work done at the pre-school level. Learning tasks, graded according to age and range of experience, are negotiated through exploration and experimentation and are intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding, bringing about the holistic development of the growing child. 

The Secondary: Age Range 11 - 17 
Curriculum offerings at this level revolve round government stipulations in the National Policy on Education (NPE 1977, 1981, 1998) and the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES). Pupils are tailored towards external examinations such as WASCE, NECO and IGCSE O & A levels. The SAT & TOEFL academic programme is geared towards intellectual cultivation, science and technology awareness and advanced literacy.  

The Principal

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The Students